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For the Big Players, AI is a Threat, but for Smaller Agencies, it's a Game-Changer

The advertising industry's big players have made it clear that they will not be incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their client work. This announcement has been viewed by many as a marketing strategy to safeguard their businesses and retain clients. However, it is worth considering whether clients, especially smaller ones, might prefer to work with smaller agencies that leverage AI to deliver high-quality services at much lower prices.

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While both sides of the debate present valid arguments, it is apparent that the larger agencies are prioritising their own interests over those of their clients by warning them about the supposed dangers of AI. Conversely, smaller agencies have a significant opportunity to revolutionise the industry by changing the relationship between price, quality and volume of services offered.

Although large agencies are actively campaigning against AI in advertising, this may soon become irrelevant when the first major clients begin using it in campaigns budgeted in millions, which are already being announced in the United States. Copyrights for processes involving AI are being legally regulated, making it more feasible for smaller agencies to adopt AI and offer their services to clients.

The current situation is akin to the controversy surrounding genetically modified soybeans, where there was a consensus to boycott this type of food production, but now over 80% of soybeans on the market are produced from genetically modified seeds. Similarly, the first smaller agencies that adopt AI will convince larger clients to take a chance on them and inject fresh blood into the industry.

Although AI adoption may lead to job losses in the industry, every technological innovation or revolution eliminates certain jobs while creating new ones. For instance, coachmen lost their jobs in the past, but jobs opened up for bus drivers. Jobs for sidemen or shoe cleaners may not be visible today, but they might be working in some entrepreneur's office for much safer and bigger money.

In summary, the reluctance of big players to adopt AI may be a promotional trigger for them, but for smaller agencies, it presents an opportunity to revolutionise the industry and offer high-quality services at a lower price point.

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